Different Types Of Luggage [From Carry-Ons To Tote Bags & Hard Shell To Soft Shell Luggage]

Different Types Of Luggage [From Carry-Ons To Tote Bags & Hard Shell To Soft Shell Luggage]

While travel essentials like a neck pillow, sweater and a comfortable pair of shoes are key to keeping you cozy mid-transit, having a reliable piece of luggage by your side can help prevent unexpected travel issues, like malfunctioning luggage wheels or surprise baggage fees. 


But when it comes to choosing a travel bag to safely store your belongings throughout your journey, where do you start? 


Should you choose a checked or carry-on bag? Is hard shell luggage the way to go, or maybe a soft shell suitcase is worth investing in? 


We’ll help you decide, by breaking down the different types of luggage and key factors to consider when purchasing a new travel companion. Plus, we’ll share our very own reliable and stylish luggage for your next adventure! 


Need a reliable bag for your trip?

Types Of Luggage According To Size 


Luggage is typically grouped according to the structure and type of material used. From checked luggage to duffel bags, here are the most common types of luggage based on size. 

1. Checked Luggage 

A checked bag is any type of luggage that’s too large to fit into a plane’s overhead compartment. 

This type of luggage typically has zippered compartments, a retractable handle and wheels on the base, allowing you to glide the bag with ease. 

Thanks to the large amount of available space in checked luggage, it’s typically used for extended trips or when your list of essentials is longer than most. 

2. Carry-On Bag 

A carry-on bag is any type of luggage that is compact enough to bring on board an airplane. 

With a standard size of 22″ x 14″ x 9″ for most American domestic planes, carry-ons are stored in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you. 

You can use a carry-on bag for short trips or even longer trips where you pack light, to avoid the hassle that can come with checking a bag. 

3. Travel Tote 

Similar to a large handbag, a travel tote is a type of carry-on luggage that has shoulder straps and fits fewer travel essentials, like electronics, make-up and a few pieces of clothing. 

Great for weekend trips or when on the road, a travel tote provides quick and easy access to your essentials. 

4. Duffel Bag 

A duffel bag is a tube-like type of carry-on that comes with heavy-duty straps, zippers and multiple compartments to safely store your belongings. 

A duffel bag is often used to carry sports clothing or equipment, but it’s earned a spot as a travel bag over the years. The standard size is just small enough to fit in the overhead bin or under the seat on an airplane. Similar to travel totes, duffel bags are ideal for short weekend trips. 


Types Of Luggage According To Material 

When you say goodbye to your luggage at check-in, the chances of your bag being treated with the utmost care have likely gone out the window. 

In fact, a recent study found that the global rate of mishandled luggage spiked by 24% in 2021, furthering the need for a durable and reliable travel bag. 

From water-resistant luggage to hard shell cases for extra protection, here are the most common types of luggage, based on material. 

1. Hard Shell 

Hard shell luggage is a durable, water-proof bag with a hard exterior. 

Typically, this type of luggage is made of polycarbonate shells — a type of plastic material that can withstand impact — aluminum, polypropylene, ABS or PVC plastic. 

Thanks to its tough exterior, hard shell luggage can handle the stress of a bumpy ride in the conveyor belt or when travel compartments are tight. 

2. Soft Shell 

Soft shell luggage is a flexible bag with a soft exterior. 

Typically, this type of luggage is made of fabric, canvas, nylon or polyester. 

Thanks to its material, soft shell luggage stretches around the edges, allowing extra room for your essentials to fit in easily. Another upside? No dents, scratches or cracks! 

3. Leather 

Lather luggage has come a long way since our ancestors invented it around 1500 BC. 


Leather luggage is a suitcase-shaped bag made of either real leather or faux leather, and some are treated to help prevent stains and water damage. 

A hard shell suitcase is a durable, water-proof bag with a hard exterior 

Key Factors To Consider When Choosing Luggage 

Choosing the best suitcase for your trip can be slightly overwhelming with all the options at hand, but we’re here to help! Here’s what to consider before making a purchase: 

1. Size 

Before setting out on a luggage hunt, determine the size you’ll need to store your essentials. 


If your trips are typically less than a week long or you travel light, a smaller suitcase that can be carried on to a plane might be the right fit. 


For example, if you’re going on a quick camping trip or spending a weekend at the nearby beach, a smaller bag such as a carry-on can help you neatly store your essentials. 


However, if you’re heading out for more than a week, or if you’re headed to a cooler destination that requires bulky items like coats, sweaters and boots, a checked bag can help ensure that all of your items are packed and en route to your destination. 

Looking for a carry-on or checked bag?

2. Security Features 

Next, determine what kind of features you’re looking for in a travel bag. 

Typically, travel totes and duffel bags have minimal security features, with all of your essentials only a zip away. 

On the other hand, some suitcases come with two-way zippers and cross straps to keep your things in place, or the ability to add on a TSA-approved lock for extra security. 

3. Durability 

Whether you’re cruising over turquoise seas, going on a cross-country road trip or flying to the other side of the world, traveling can cause wear and tear on your luggage. 

While there are a variety of bags to choose from, investing in a durable suitcase can help ensure your travel companion remains by your side for years to come. 

From water and impact-resistant to scratch-proof and shock-absorbing exteriors, the type of bag that’s right for you will depend on how often you travel, and the mode of transportation you use to get to where you’re going!

Rollink Hard Shell Luggage You’ll Love  

Whether it’s a bumpy ride in the airport’s conveyor belt or taxi drivers tossing your bag into the trunk, you won’t have to worry about your belongings or suitcase getting damaged with a hard shell exterior. 

Our Rollink Flex Vega is a durable, lightweight and sleek line of luggage you can use as a carry-on or checked bag. Built for your busy lifestyle and made to last, Flex Vega is scratch-, water- and impact-resistant, making it the ideal travel companion for any type of adventure! 

If spills happen, cleaning is a breeze thanks to the polycarbonate hard shell exterior. To clean your Flex Vega, simply use a soft, wet cloth dipped in mild dish soap and warm water to wipe off any dirt or debri from your travels. 

After your trip, fold your Flex Vega to just 2” and tuck it away until next time. Store it under your bed or hang it in the closet, then pull it out when adventure comes knocking! 


Meet Flex Vega – durable, lightweight and collapsible 

Available in three sizes, Flex Vega features include:  

  • Durable polycarbonate hard shell  
  • Scratch, water and impact resistant  
  • Silent, coated wheels for smooth gliding  
  • Hassle-free storage at home and on the go  
  • Quick-access side pocket for essentials  
  • Height-adjustable telescopic handle  
  • Fits carry-on requirements for most major airlines  


Rollink Soft Shell Luggage You’ll Love 

If fabric is the look and feel you’re after, look no further than Flex Aura. Its impact- and water-resistant fabric allows it to survive the wear and tear of your journey, from rough baggage claim to bumpy strolls in cobbled city streets. 

Weighing just 5.3 pounds and offering a 35-liter packing volume, it can store all your essentials, from several days’ worth of clothes to bulky items such as shoes and electronics. 

Reliable with a luxurious and premium design, Flex Aura is our most elegant collapsible luggage yet! 

Introducing Flex Aura – your luxurious and dependable travel buddy 

Available in two sizes, Flex Aura features include:  

  • Premium and luxurious design  
  • Durable and impact-resistant  
  • Water resistant fabric on each side  
  • Folds flat to about 2’’ thick  
  • Silent, coated wheels for smooth gliding  
  • Front pocket that can fit a laptop  
  • Secure closure with a magnetic strap  
  • Safe inner pocket for storage


Types Of Luggage: Key Takeaways

Choosing the right type of luggage based on structure or material can make all the difference when it comes to smooth sailing on your journey. 

Ultimately, the perfect luggage is one that is easy to carry and reliable — and one that perfectly complements your style! 

The most common types of luggage include: 

  • Checked luggage 
  • Carry-on bags 
  • Travel totes 
  • Duffel bags 

Luggage typically comes in three materials: 

  • Hard shell 
  • Soft shell 
  • Leather 

At Rollink, our durable, lightweight and fashionable suitcases are in it for the long run. Whether you’re on team hard shell or fabric, allow the Flex Vega or Flex Aura to keep your essentials safe on your next much-deserved vacation! 

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