What is Rollink?

Rollink is an innovative travel brand designed with a flexible mindset based on consumer needs. It was founded in 2018 by Israeli travel and manufacturing professionals.
Travelers around the world continue to offer fashionable and practical items.

Currently sold in 25 countries around the world, it is sold at numerous high-end stores such as Macy's in the United States, Manor, KaDeWe Europe, the Far East and the Asia Pacific region. Flexibility and style are at the core of Rollink's design. It also helps you stay organized and optimize storage space, whether you're traveling or at home, providing a comfortable journey.

FLEX is a foldable suitcase that is not only lightweight but also durable. This is an unprecedented, revolutionary suitcase that meets the various needs of travelers and can be stored compactly not only when traveling, but also when not in use. [Patent pending]

  • Durability

    Sturdy polycarbonate hard shells

  • Lightweight

    Easy to carry and fits seamlessly

  • Collapsibility

    Folds flat up to 2’’ thick

Rollink Empowers
Sustainable Transport

Higher energy efficiency

Global brand presence