How To Make Your Luggage Stand Out — 11 Luggage Identifier Ideas You’ll Love! 

How To Make Your Luggage Stand Out — 11 Luggage Identifier Ideas You’ll Love! 

So you’ve finally arrived at your destination after what seems like forever — we’re guessing that the last thing you want to do is look for your luggage in a sea of black and gray bags swirling around the conveyor belt.

One solution to ease this airport stress and find your bag in no time? Adding a luggage identifier to your bag.

Luggage identifiers can reduce the time you spend at the airport and prevent luggage mix-ups — especially when you’re traveling to busy destinations like Paris, Dubai or Tokyo.

In this article, we’ll share our top tips on how to make your luggage stand out, and introduce you to our colorful pieces of luggage at Rollink, that will help ensure you leave the airport with the right bag, even when the jetlag hits.

Luggage identifiers include:

  • Bold, colorful luggage
  • Painted luggage design
  • A luggage tag
  • A luggage belt
  • A luggage cover
  • Stickers
  • Patches
  • Ribbon
  • Decorative tape
  • A handle grip
  • A luggage tracker
Need colorful luggage for your upcoming adventure?

What Are Luggage Identifiers?

Luggage identifiers are additions to your bag that make it stand out, so you can recognize it among other bags.

Identifiers allow you to easily spot your bag at the baggage carousel and ensure no one mistakenly picks up your suitcase.

11 Ways To Make Your Luggage Stand Out

From custom-made luggage tags to bright and colorful rolling suitcases, here are 11 ways to make your suitcase stand out when you travel.

1. Invest In Bold, Colorful Luggage

The best way to make your luggage stand out from the crowd? Find a unique bag in a vibrant hue!

If you thought all luggage looked and performed the same, allow us to introduce you to our flexible line of luggage at Rollink.

From bright shades of yellow and green to lively hues of pink and blue, our wide array of color options will help your luggage stand out in a sea of mundane suitcases.

Available in a variety of colors and sizes, our luggage line includes the Flex 360° spinner, Flex Aura and Flex Vega (more on these below!).

An image of a yellow Rollink suitcase
Stand out wherever you go with Rollink’s colorful luggage

2. Create Your Own Design

Grab some paint and get your creative juices flowing!

Whether you prefer geometric patterns or stenciling your name on your bag, nothing says custom ke hand painting your own design on your hard or soft shell luggage.

For soft shell luggage, opt for fabric paint. Looking for a durable soft shell suitcase? Check out our Flex Aura luggage collection!

For hard shell, grab a bottle of spray paint in your favorite color. Here’s some hard shell options from Rollink!

3. Spice Up Your Neutral-Colored Bag With A Luggage Tag

If you aren’t ready to trade in your neutral suitcase just yet, spice up your luggage with a smaller statement piece instead.

Whether it’s a classic leather tag with your name stamped on it or a whimsical unicorn-printed tag (just because!), a luggage tag is a quick fix when it comes to adding the perfect pop of color to your neutral-toned suitcase. Plus, your contact information will come in handy in case your luggage gets lost.

Rollink tip: For a modern look and feel, check out Rollink’s Aluminum Luggage Tag!

4. Strap On A Luggage Belt

If you’re looking for a functional yet stylish luggage identifier, look no further than a luggage belt.

From bright and chic designer options to heavy duty, TSA-approved luggage straps that add an extra layer of protection, luggage belts can help your suitcase stand out while holding your travel essentials together in the event of a zipper fail!

An image of a green luggage belt
Add an extra layer of security (and style) with a luggage belt

5. Wrap Your Suitcase In A Luggage Cover

If you’re concerned about scuffs and scratches while traveling, look no further than a luggage cover.

Made of either transparent PVC plastic or a colorful spandex and polyester blend, luggage covers provide your suitcase with extra protection and help you easily find your bag on the conveyor belt!

6. Add Stickers To Your Luggage

Show off where you’ve been, where you’re headed or your bucket list destinations by decorating your luggage with stickers!

Whether it’s flaunting that Taj Mahal sticker you got from your trip to India or plastering your suitcase with your favorite vintage travel decals, stickers are a great way to showcase your personality.

Rollink tip: Add a new sticker to your luggage from each place you visit!

An image of yellow luggage with stickers
Stickers can highlight your travel personality and help your luggage stand out in crowded baggage conveyors

7. Sew On Embroidered Patches 

Have soft shell luggage and your sewing kit at hand? Put your sewing skills to the test by stitching on an embroidered patch or two! 

Similar to stickers, you can flaunt your personality with travel-themed patches. 

Rollink tip: Secure your iron-on patches to your luggage by stitching the edges. 

8. Wrap A Vibrant Ribbon Around The Handles 

On a tight budget? Tying a colorful ribbon around your suitcase’s handle or zipper is the way to go. 

A bubble gum pink hue or fluorescent orange cloth can help you easily spot your luggage while waiting at the baggage claim area. 

The best part? You can find fabric scraps and ribbons at any craft store or recycle the ribbons you have at home from birthday presents and gift baskets! 

Rollink tip: Is your ribbon too long? Trim it down or tie it in a bow to ensure it doesn’t get caught in the conveyor belt. 

9. Cover Your Luggage With Decorative Tape 

Whether it’s glitter tape or washi tape in a vintage travel theme, wrap your luggage handles in hard-to-miss decorative tape so your bag stands out during those hectic moments at the baggage carousel. 

Rollink tip: You can purchase a roll of decorative tape from your local hardware or craft store for as little as $2! 

10. Strap On A Handle Grip 

From candy apple red to lime green and more, strapping on a handle grip adds to your bag’s personality and helps you get a better hold when scurrying to your boarding gate. 

11. Clip On A Luggage Tracker 

Tech-savvy adventure-seekers, this one’s for you! 

A recent industry report found that an estimated 220,000 checked bags among United States airlines were lost or damaged in April 2022 — a massive 135% increase from April of the previous year. 

While the carry-on lifestyle is one solution to prevent you from experiencing airmageddon, investing in reliable luggage trackers and smart tags can help you track down your checked bag even in the most crowded and chaotic queues. 

Luggage trackers can provide you with real-time location updates no matter where you or your luggage may be. They work using Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, cellular data or a simple QR code. 

Rollink tip: Find out what the recent airport chaos taught us about using carry-on bags

Featured Stand-Out Luggage: Rollink 360° Spinner 

Turn heads and travel in style with chic, flexible luggage from Rollink, made for every type of traveler. 

From a bright, eye-catching yellow (Yellow Iris) to a cooler blue hue (Deep Lagoon), choose from eight vivid colors and find the color that matches your personality and travel style. 

First up in our luggage roster is the Flex 360° Spinner, a luggage piece that can carry most of your travel belongings whether you’re bound for a weekend road trip or a two-week island hop! 

The Flex 360° Spinner is made from durable, impact-resistant polycarbonate hard shells and has 360° double spinner wheels, multiple pockets, cross strap dividers and a built-in TSA-approved lock. 

Choose from a wide range of sizes, from domestic and international carry-on to medium and large checked and everything in between. 

(Speaking of domestic and carry-on bags, check out our article on the domestic vs. international carry-on showdown!

Rollink Flex 360° Spinner
Glide in style with the Flex 360° Spinner — smooth-rolling, flexible and impact-resistant

Flex 360° Spinner features include:  

  • Lightweight  
  • Aluminum adjustable telescopic handle  
  • Collapsible for hassle-free storage  
  • 10 lbs & 110 L packing volume 
  • Folds flat to about 6” thick 
Say hello to effortless gliding.

Travel In Style: Rollink’s Flex Vega Doesn’t Need A Luggage Identifier

Say goodbye to your basic suitcase and set your sights on our durable, colorful luggage.

Available in eight carefully chosen colors, you can easily spot your luggage in the crowd when you roll with Flex Vega.

This all-star luggage is made from durable polycarbonate hard shells to handle the wear and tear of any journey and is easy to maneuver thanks to its silent, coated wheels.

Perfect for both quick and extended getaways, you can easily store 3-5 days of clothes and 2-3 pairs of shoes in your Flex Vega.

Rollink Flex Vega
Embrace bold-colored luggage with Flex Vega — lightweight and scratch and water resistant

Flex Vega’s features include: 

  • Scratch, water and impact-resistant 
  • Height-adjustable telescopic handle 
  • A side pocket for easy access to travel essentials 
  • Fits carry-on requirements for most major airlines 
  • 5.1 lbs & 42L packing volume 
  • Hassle-free storage at home and on the go 
  • Folds flat to about 2’’ thick 
Travel in style.

Stand Out With Rollink Flex Aura Luggage Collection

The Flex Aura is the way to go if soft shell is more your look and feel.

Choose from seven custom colors, from an electrifying lime (Limade) to a bluish hue reminiscent of crystal clear surf (Dive Blue).

The Flex Aura stands up to travel wear and tear with its durable and flexible polyester exterior. Oh, and did we mention it’s water-proof as well?

Rollink Flex Aura
Add a pop of color to your adventure with Flex Aura — spacious and durable

Available in two sizes, Flex Aura features include: 

  • Upscale and premium design 
  • Silent, coated wheels for easy gliding 
  • Front and inner pockets for extra storage 
  • Secure closure with a magnetic strap 
  • Folds flat to about 2’’ thick 
Invest in colorful soft shell luggage.

From stand-out hard shell bags to colorful polyester luggage, invest in bold, innovative suitcases when you shop Rollink luggage.

Flexible, durable and made to withstand even the most exciting adventure, Rollink luggage helps you stand out in a crowd and travel in style.

Find your perfect travel companion and embrace your next trip with confidence!

Find your stand-out luggage today.
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